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AP Automation in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

As a solution architect, prospects and clients often ask me for ways to improve their Accounts Payable process.  They receive hundreds of invoices every month, and it can take considerable amount of time to enter all of the detail as well as attaching the invoice for reference during the approval process.  This is an area where we have often needed to bring in an ISV solution, but that could cause other issues.  Microsoft has been doing considerable work around automation for AP and they recently released a public preview of their Invoice Capture solution. I have had the opportunity to set this up in one of my test environments so I could get an idea of what they have to offer.  As we would expect, the Invoice Capture solution is built on the Power Platform.  It uses a model driven Power App along with Power Automate Flows to integrate with Dynamics 365 Finance.  However, since it is a solution, they have done much of the work for you, including creating the standard flows to load the

Recap of Dynamics Communities Summit 2022

  It has been about a week and a half since I returned from Summit.   This was at least my tenth Summit.   At this point I have lost track, but I certainly remember when there were only a couple hundred people.   A lot has changed in the past couple years.   They are not back to where they were in 2019, but this was a huge improvement over last year in Houston.   With over 600 sessions, there was a lot of content to choose from for the attendees.   Of course, this is both good and bad because which sessions do you attend?   You can’t be everywhere.   Also, there were issues with the event app and seating in many of the rooms, but they tried to address these as the event went on and have promised to learn from their mistakes.   It is an new staff since their last large event, and everyone is still trying to remember how to put on large events like this.   My firm had several clients attend the event, and they were overall happy with the content of the event.   Probably the number one co