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What should I use, a hammer or screwdriver???

  Lately, I have been working with several of our team members and clients regarding various reporting needs.   Since I do a lot of work with Power BI, they will bring me in because they believe Power BI is the correct answer.   In most cases, when they think Power BI, they are considering either the free version or Power BI Pro.   In other words, they are looking for a visualization to replace their report.   In many cases, this is possible, but other times there are struggles and issues.   It made me think about the toolbox I have in my garage.   I am not a handyman by any means, but I do have a few of your typical tools including a couple hammers and few screwdrivers so I can take care of various household projects, like hanging a picture, putting together furniture, building all the toys my wife is buying for our granddaughter, etc.   These household projects remind me a lot the various report requests I see from our clients.   Sometimes the report is as simple as hanging a pic