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Using Full Page Apps in Dynamics 365 Finance

Have you ever wanted to put a website or a model-driven Power App in one of your existing Dynamics 365 Finance workspaces or forms?  You might already know you can create a new workspace with a website, but did you know you can add the website to an existing workspace? Here is an example of the Vendor invoice entry workspace with the Invoice Capture Power App embedded. Prior to using this feature, you need to turn on "Saved views support for workspaces" in feature management. Once this feature is enabled you can follow the following steps to add the Invoice Capture app or any model-driven Power App or website to an existing workspace. Open the vendor invoice entry workspace From Options - choose Personalize this page From personalize menu - select the 3 dots - and then Add an app Once that is selected (the screen goes gray) - click on the section header where you want to add the app (in my example I put it in Links) On the Add an app menu - choose Website Give it a name (my e

Progress Billings with Project Accounting & Sales Orders

I was recently working with a couple customers that have very large orders and they need to invoice when the order is booked and maybe issue a couple progress invoices while the order is processed.  There are a few ways this can be handled in D365.  Unfortunately, Microsoft disabled the prepayment tab on the sales order tab in version 10.0.14 .  There is currently an idea posted inside the Microsoft ideas portal to add a function to handle prepayments.   Hopefully Microsoft will address this issue in the near future.  However, I needed to find a solution for today, and using Project Accounting seems to give an acceptable solution for managing the progress payments.   The key to this approach is using the Customer Advance on the Project screen.  It is also important to make sure you have setup the proper liability account for the prepayment invoice.  This is done in Project - Setup - Posting - Ledger Posting Setup. To see how this works in action I have put together a demo video.  Hopef