RPA with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain

Are you looking for ways to automate some of your routine accounting functions, like reconciling sub ledgers to the general ledger?   Microsoft has recently created some examples using Power Automate Desktop (think of it like Task Recording on steroids). It can not only automate steps through Dynamics 365, but it can also automate Excel and other applications. In one example from Microsoft they automate the AR to GL reconciliation: Automatic running of the AR aging and the customer/ledger reconciliation reports. Power Automate then extracts data from both reports in Excel and compares the balances. Power Automate then posts a Team message letting you know the subledger is in balance. Power Automate saves the reports with the date in the file name, so there is backup. Microsoft Directions & Example   I working with the example, I needed to make a couple of adjustments to the sample flow that was provided but I was able to get it to work. Here is a video of the flow running in

Changes are coming...

I will be the first to admit, I do not blog that much.  Unfortunately, work and life sometimes get in the way.  As we start 2021, I am going to make an effort to add more to this blog.  With this increased effort in blogging, I will also be increasing the topics that I will cover.  While I will still be covering Business Intelligence and Power BI, I will also be covering topics on Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With this change, I am also going to move the blog to a new address www.danscorner.info.   This change will take place very soon.  Keep checking back for the new posts, and if you have some areas you would like me to cover, feel free to add a comment below.  


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